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Quentin du Pasquier

Quentin du Pasquier

Twenty years of experience in the world of commodity trading gives him the ability to embrace new business opportunities for his partners with ease.

This talent is joined by a strong personality, being someone who is inclined to challenge himself every day.
Quentin’s passion for the international trade of goods and services can be traced back to his early years. By being born in a family of commodity traders, the French-Swiss-Belgian trader has been confronted with the everyday challenges faced in international trade from a young age. He has thus witnessed first-hand the changing nature of the business and profession.

The Critical Experiences That Shaped His Strengths and Vision

Early in his career, he spent significant time supervising trade negotiations. He began as a "physical" trader on the ground at Cotton Distributors (CDI since 1957), first overlooking shipping and forwarding activities in both the ports and the cotton fields in West Africa before buying. Thanks to his self-entrepreneur mind and a nose for business, in 10 years he has become a sharp expert in the agriculture trading space.

He has worked in Africa on permanent contracts in the cotton business for Dunavant (Leading cotton Cie) and dealing with pulses, sesame and nuts at Maviga. His career took a significant turn in 2011 when he was named Head of Trading at IFACO SA who has been a major player in wheat in Africa for almost 40 years. There, he set up a strategy along with the CEO that contributed to a drastic increase in volume, which has enabled IFACO to become a leading agri-business groups in Africa.

In addition to being an expert in business management and commodity trading, he is also a skilled high-end event planner, with a proven track record of helping and supporting his partners as they develop plans for their future.

Creativity with A Refined Taste for Beauty

Over the years he has developed a sense for detail and a keen taste for beautiful things. Among these are the African cultures and civilizations. Quentin has always fancied pure, noble materials (stone, woods, leather, bronze). Gradually, through experience in the field and the hobbies he cultivated, he has learned the art and craftsmanship of many other goods.
In addition to his primary job functions, Quentin has been recognized for his versatile talent and desire to discover new things. To this day, his personal life is very much intertwined with his professional experiences. A lover of history and geopolitics, Quentin travels with the attitude of the humble explorer. With open-mindedness and integrity, he tackles new career and personal challenges.

Reliability and Accountability

In addition to being an excellent golfer, he has been influential in the Swiss golf community for a very long time. For several years, he has been in charge of critical business events including the Annual Commodity Golf Cup & Cocktail in Geneva. Over time he has developed a vast network of high-profile contacts - big brands, powerful people in business, and other influential persons all over the world. In all kinds of environments, he has been appreciated for his loyalty, finesse, and authenticity.
He owes his reputation to the fact that he has always worked hard and performed to the highest standards in all the different roles he has held. Each time he has changed jobs, either in the art field or in the trade industry, he has left his indelible mark. Quentin is happily married, and he is a proud father of two children - another role he plays with the utmost dedication and enthusiasm.


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